UWSF Resources

Community Cafes

  1. National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Funds.
  2. Community Café learning community.
  3. United Ways of Washington Success Story: Community Café Contributors’ Conceptual Agreement. This is an example of the success the United Way of Washington had in developing understanding of the Community Café process. Multiple organizations were included and this outlines the basic process, strategies, and benefits from this collaboration.
  4. United Ways of Washington Request for Letters of Interest. This is a sample of a request for letters of interest from local United Ways. It provides a brief background on Community Cafes and the benefit of this approach. It also details selection criteria, funding, time frame and approaches to implementing cafes in local sites.
  5. United Ways of Washington Community Cafes Budget Sample. This provides a brief overview of possible costs of hosting community cafes. Estimated total costs, both with and without add-ons, are presented. Aside from the approximate costs, a sample of the budget for four cafes in Eastern Washington is available for reference as well.
  6. United Ways in Washington Community Café invitation. This is a sample of an invitation to the Community Café Orientation provided by the United Ways of Washington. A basic summary of Community Cafes is given, along with the expected learning outcomes of the orientation.


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