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UWSF and the 2-1-1 System

  1. UWWA Training Model. This guide from UWWA’s 2009 presentation provides an outline and text for how the orientation was run. Examples of activities and discussions used are included. This guide would be a great reference for other sites hosting trainings for SF. It provides detailed directions for a two hour training, including time increments and specific activities. The activities included could be used in future trainings as well, mock calls and PF bookmarks. This is a great resource to see how a team successfully hosted an orientation with 2-1-1 call centers.
  2. Orientation for 2-1-1 Directors. This PowerPoint developed by UWWA was used to introduce 2-1-1 directors to Strengthening Families. The development team, plan, and timeline are presented, along with an orientation schedule. Questions are placed at the end to receive feedback and suggestions for improvement. This is a simple PowerPoint that was used as an initial step to introduce SF to 2-1-1 operators. It does not provide much information on SF but focuses more on the plan for orientations including schedules and timelines.
  3. 2-1-1 Information and Referral Specialist Orientation Handout. This handout was used at the Strengthening Families Protective Factors training for 2-1-1 information and referral specialists. It gives a basic overview of the protective factors framework and then provides examples of statements that 2-1-1 call specialists can use. It also provides examples of using the protective factors for self-care as well. This handout is a great resource that could be used at other sites to present examples of how call specialists can incorporate SF in their calls.
  4. Introduction to SF for 2-1-1 Call Directors. This introduction provided a basic overview of Strengthening Families and the United Way grant. It proposes the idea of developing an orientation to integrate the protective factors in 2-1-1 call responses. It briefly outlines UWWA’s plan for using the SF grant.
  5. Sample 2-1-1 Poster (English and Spanish). This poster from Texas 2-1-1 highlights the free help line. It also shows how families can receive concrete support through calling this number at any time. A good way to advertise 2-1-1 in the community.
  6. Steps for Ensuring 2-1-1 Functionality and Compatibility. This is a brief set of steps that detail the process UW staff can use to evaluate their local 2-1-1 call centers effectiveness, community links, and referral service.


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