Ways to Implement UWSF: Resource Development


"My volunteers now use the protective factors as a yard stick for their personal giving choices, for their other community boards and foundations. They can cite it." - Toni, San Antonio Site


UWSF is a natural for United Way resource development. Not only are there specific outcomes from this work that lead toward organizational goals in education, income and health, but this work also offers opportunities to serve employees and employers at work. This increased visibility at the work place can lead to increased awareness of the value of United Way, which could lead to more support for building on and expanding this work. From the United Way “Campaign Chair Handbook”:

The work of United Way is to come together with diverse groups of experts and community members to identify the important issues affecting their individual community. Then United Way, along with community partners, create impact strategies for those issues. These are strategies that research shows have a strong chance of improving lives. At the same time, there is a need to segment United Way markets and get to know the potential investors -- what they care about, what their aspirations are.With these two foundations in place, United Way can frame impact strategies as potential products with features and benefits in which investors have said they are interested. Wherever and whenever it is possible, United Way tries to link investors and their aspirations with the impact strategies that are relevant to them.

Throughout, United Way must operate in a culture of relationship management, which means relationships drive everything. Engaging individuals in more personal and relevant ways is at the core of United Way’s effort to mobilize America around education, income and health solutions.

With this in mind, we recommend you use some of the excellent resources United Way provides for recruitment, retention, gifts, and loyalty and work to apply the UWSF framework. The Knowledge Café at United Way online is a great place to start exploring the resources that are available.


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