Ways to Implement UWSF: Community Cafe

Steps in the Process

  1. Visit the National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Fund’s website. There you can download the host orientation kit in both English and Spanish.

    Key to Success
    • The website also includes steps in the implementation process, many of which are represented here. Our pilot sites found step one, think about your own leadership style, to be extremely important. Before you begin, it is important to understand your own strengths and motivations for wanting to bring the Community Café to your own community.

  2. Contact the Alliance expressing interest in community cafes. You will find some common discussion topics on their website (step two), for example, what resources are needed to host cafes.

    Key to Success
    • In order to make the most out of your initial phone call to the Alliance, review the discussion topics they list on their web site and have some ideas in mind.

  3. Build interest among your community partners, staff, and parents you serve.

    Key to Success
    • Simple marketing flyers might be sent out or displayed through head start, housing communities, schools, and other areas appropriate for your community.

  4. Recruit potential staff and parent leaders to assist in the café sessions.

    Key to Success
    • Look for parent leaders that are current leaders in the community usually with well-established networks of community relationships.

  5. Schedule an orientation teleconference. This will be with the alliance to go over goals, needs, resources, and ideas on the role of the host, etc., include any interested staff and parents.

  6. Schedule the 8-hour orientation. Include staff as well as parent facilitators and send invitations. During this orientation a representative from the National Alliance of Children’s Trust and Prevention Fund will walk you through the details of hosting the six community café sessions including:
  • the Strengthening Families protective factors, effective leadership, and building and maintaining partnerships;
  • the core principles and strategies of Community Cafes;
  • how to apply the these principles during the sessions; and
  • how to adapt the Community Café approach to the culture of your community.


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